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Important Faces
This page details the recurring characters in the comic- that is, characters who can show up or have input no matter what world Két happens to be on. Most of them have bigger bios than Két for some reason, despite her being the main character. Go figure.
If you want to ask anyone on the Important Faces page a question, please go here and drop them a message! Alternatively, you can PM me and I'll reply when the response has been made.


Name: Két Ara
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Tibian Tabby Cat
Powers: Aerokinesis, 4th Wall Awareness
Bio: The protagonist of the comic, Két travels from world to world at Niv's request in order to find the Scarf of Destruction. Genre Savvy, a Deadpan Snarker, but unfortunately afflicted with a severe case of Chronic Hero Syndrome, Két often goes out of her way to help other people, which more often than not will get her into trouble. Két seems to have made a lot of enemies during her travels, but despite this she does her best not to hate anyone and is generally on good terms with everyone she meets - although she doesn’t have that many friends due to the fact that she’s constantly moving from world to world. Két actually seems to prefer to solve her problems without violence, instead smooth-talking her way through things, but will use violence if she's frustrated about any given situation or to defend herself. While she does what she can to try and live in the present, Két does have a few issues letting go of things that happened in the past if she didn’t have any sense of closure in regards to the event. As a side note, she works for Mr. Losroo under the persona of Phantom Thief Kiara, which she accomplishes with the ingenious disguise of changing her clothes, using temporary black paint to dye her fur, and using a different font for her speech bubbles.

Két lost her aerokinesis while on World [10], and as such has been forced to adjust to life without it. This has had… varying degrees of success, to say the least. She’s gotten better about it thanks to a pep talk from Silverado, though.


Name: Niv Atasha
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Powers: White Magic, Scarf Invocation
Bio: The comic's author avatar who guides Két from the safety of the White Space world. While Niv does not have any author powers in Aware, she is far from defenseless thanks to her white magic and her ability to draw on the latent powers of magical scarves. Niv cannot leave the White Space, but she can communicate with Két VIA narration bubbles and offer her advice and information from afar. She is the one who gave Két her overall objective, and she'd do it herself if she weren't so against self-insertion and overpowered author avatars. (Also, it's funnier this way.) The only reason she has a role in the comic in the first place is due to the meta nature of Két's powers. She does not actually appear to be omniscient, as most authors would be - instead using her prior knowledge and the internet to solve mysteries and problems. Due to being the comic’s author avatar, she’s the only one who actually ages with time, not that anyone would really notice unless they’re looking at the cast page. She also dyed her hair, which is both snazzy and making her own life a misery because god dammit I have to make an entirely new sprite sheet don’t I do that enough with Két

After her encounter with The Wanderer while Két was in Worlds [9] and [10], she has decided to take a more proactive role and try and find loopholes to the rules that were imposed on them at the start of the comic. Time is ticking, after all.


Name: Damaru Nexuti
Age: 54 (physically 20)
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Powers: Time & Space Manipulation
Bio: A temporal and spatial anomaly, Damaru does not really exist anywhere in any timeline thanks to an incident when he was ten that caused him to be banished to a crossroad world somewhere between the other worlds. He passes time by traveling from world to world and solving crisis, but generally disregards the safety of others and is very much a "for the greater good" kind of guy. It is this mentality that has brought him at odds with Két on many occasions- her saving individual people, often those she cares about, has a tendency to be at odds with him saving many people and disregarding the safety of individuals if it means helping a larger populace. This has caused something a fierce rivalry between the two, with Damaru trying to kill Két when he gets the chance. However, he seems to have had an encounter with someone who has ordered him and his companion to bring Két home alive. For this reason, he travels the worlds searching for her in order to fulfill this objective. Due to forced interactions between the two of them while in World [5], his opinion of her seems to be somewhat elevated, and he no longer holds her in complete contempt.

Damaru is a very jaded individual due to how often he has to watch people die - and how often he has to be the one to cause that to happen. This causes him to give up hope in any given situation faster than he probably should.


Name: Silverado Limano
Age: Unknown; Ageless Immortal
Gender: Male
Species: Phoenix
Powers: Umbrakinesis, Pyrokinesis, Death God
Bio: The God of Death from a Crossroad world, Silverado is highly chaotic and loves nothing more than destruction and carnage. It was this that led him to, while weakened, seek out a host whose body he would be able to use to continue his legacy of death and destruction. Damaru was the unfortunate victim who became said body. After a particularly brutal incident shortly after gaining his new host, he and the boy were banished to a world between the worlds where they wouldn't be able to cause trouble. Unfortunately, Damaru's ability to warp time and space allowed them to leave whenever they wanted. As Damaru's host, Silverado's influence spans over the boy, meaning Damaru has to follow his orders. However, there is someone else who is able to order around the both of them, leading the two of them to have to search the worlds for Két and bring her back to her native world alive. Silverado is not happy about this, and he is doing everything in his power to make sure that their orders are at least delayed for as long as possible. While he is generally a cocky, self-confident prick, he does seem to harbor some form of respect for Damaru, keeping him company mentally and helping him if he gets in over his head.

Surprisingly, the bird actually has some level of depth to him, showing a more compassionate side of himself to those he deems worthy. While the reason for his compassion may vary from person to person, Silverado is as fearsome an ally as he is an enemy, and when he gives you advice, it’s usually because he likes you enough that he doesn’t want you to die.


Name: Blair Moxie
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Tibian Coyote
Powers: Energy Manipulation, Teleportation
Bio: A traveler who wanders through the worlds in search of the woman he fell in love with, Blair is generally somewhat affable to those he hasn't met, if not a little bit rude, blunt, and cocky at times. However, that's not to say this behavior is unwarranted - Blair is insanely powerful, capable of firing off beams and blasts as easily as he breathes, and swinging around his massive sword as if it were nothing. He seems to enjoy fighting and follows the mentality that if you have a good fight with someone, then they're your friend and you're supposed to get along with them, hence his friendship with Damaru and Silverado. The fact that he visited at least one world that Két had before meeting her in comic indicated that he had an important role in the story, but it was not until their encounter that it was revealed that the two had met before - and that while Blair was absolutely smitten with Két, Két was downright terrified of the man, largely due to the fact that his method of showing his love involved a lot of stabbing, the blowing up of a town, and her near-death experience, not necessarily in that order. Blair’s main issue is that he honestly doesn’t realize what’s wrong with his behavior - and thus feels no major inclination to fix it, thinking that it’s just the fault of the people around him that things don’t always go his way. This is largely because, on Tibun, people grow up with very Darwinistic views - the strong survive and get what they want - and Blair's power has lead him to take that to, quote Két, "a really stupidly extreme degree".

Recently, he’s had a bit of character development, and seems to be trying to change himself for the better. Time will tell if he’s successful or not, but he’s at least making an honest effort.


Name: Silvena
Age: Unknown; Ageless Immortal
Gender: Female
Species: Griffon (Lion/Phoenix Hybrid)
Powers: Umbrakinesis, Pyrokinesis, Death Goddess, Destruction Goddess
Bio: Twisted realities often produce twisted individuals, and Silvena is perhaps the epitome of that philosophy. As Damaru explained to Blair in World [8], Silvena comes from a world where the God of Life and the Goddess of Creation lost the fight with the God of Death and the Goddess of Destruction instead of the other way around, leading to senseless, chaotic destruction. The Goddess of Destruction absorbed the God of Death, still weak from the fight, into her person, taking his power and abilities for her own and twisting her appearance and personality. Thus Silvena was born, the new ruling Goddess of her twisted reality. For millennia upon millennia, Silvena was content tormenting the small society that she had allowed to live, as it gave her a source of entertainment to liven up her dull routine. However, by sheer accident, she discovered a strange girl with the power to slip through the barriers between worlds. This girl was Két. Silvena decided she wanted this power for her own and became determined to take Két’s body and powers for herself, however she lacks the ability to pursue the girl herself. Unfortunately, thanks to absorbing her version of Silverado, she can give orders to both Damaru and Silverado, who unwittingly stumbled into her native dimension. Perhaps the worst part of it is that she is in possession of the very scarf that Két is looking for, and she needs Két mortally wounded and brought back to her world in order to steal her body.

Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be relevant again one day.


Name: Két Ara
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Tibian Tabby Cat
Powers: 4th Wall Manipulation, Aerokinesis (?)
Bio: Always accompanied by the odd voice who often speaks for her, the Két from RP-land is a bit of an odd one. She has a disrespect for authority to the point that she only recently allowed something that wasn’t a generic disembodied maybe-voice to write her bio, meaning that she has no respect for the excuse plot that keeps this comic running. RP!Két is also much more carefree than her comic counterpart - likely because she’s freed herself from the stresses that are involved with being a character who is constantly focused on that her counterpart still has to deal with. Still, the two were once the same person, and it’s this fact that scares Comic!Két the most - that she can see herself having gone down the same path that RP!Két did if the option were presented to her. It seems, however, that RP!Két is interested in nudging Comic!Két along the same path that she went down – a path that led her to (relative) freedom and happiness. Surely a "younger" version of herself would want the same?

RP!Két honestly is less of a ‘character’ and more of a ‘force of nature’ as far as this comic is concerned. She can be likened to a storm - appearing without warning, causing havoc and chaos, and leaving just as easily as she came. When she does appear, it’s usually because she has something important that she wants to say.


Name: Mr. Losroo
Age: Unknown; Assumed 40
Gender: Male
Species: Tibian Mole (Ostholt Variant)
Powers: Sand (Ostholt Variant), Psychic Powers
Bio: A kindhearted man and the owner and founder of Lost Rooster, Inc., Mr. Losroo is as enigmatic as he is friendly - which is to say that he’s absurdly enigmatic. A man shrouded in myth and mystery, it’s difficult to say what rumors about him are true and what is just happenstance, coincidence, or simple controversy being spread amongst the crowds. Mr. Losroo himself is rather easygoing and casual in regards to many of these rumors, and often will simultaneously confirm and deny any thoughts that circulate about himself. The few things known about him are that he is fiercely protective of his employees, that he is an avid collector of various unusual trinkets and other such assorted items, and that he wears sunglasses no matter where he is for some reason, claiming they help him see better. Although his company is primarily a newspaper company, he and his most trusted employees are secretly a group of talented mercenaries, though which side of business came first is something that no one’s really sure of - and the few people who know about both sides don’t particularly care to ask.

To those in his close employ, Mr. Losroo is somewhat less enigmatic, and he sees his employees as something of a pseudo family, supporting them in all of their endeavors - as they do with him. Két, in her Phantom Thief Kiara guise, is an employee of his - meaning that she falls under his shadow of protection when she is within his range. While he cannot do much to benefit her physically unless she is in his native world, World [13-X], Mr. Losroo uses his psychic abilities to place a mental ‘block’ in all of his employees’ minds, meaning that other psychics and telepaths are incapable of reading her thoughts. (This has the added bonus of helping her keep the fourth wall a secret.) Mr. Losroo is also friendly with Niv, though he is not aware of her nature as his ‘author’, and as such Niv has trusted him to keep the various objects that the gods of his world infused with parts of their power safe and secure.