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July 1st, 2014, 3:27 am


I'm hoping to start updating again by Friday, July 4th, largely because that's Team SMG's 8th anniversary but also because I don't really wanna be on break for longer than a month. (Yes, I know, I should let myself take longer breaks...) But, well, here's a status report on how my progress is!

Comic Buffer: 5 Pages Ahead - that is, I have currently made up to comic 178. This is about the same amount of buffer I had before, when I was updating about every 3 days. I wound up going on break when I had only 1 page in my buffer, since at the time I really wasn't feeling well enough to make more pages.

Comics Scripted: 29 Pages Ahead - This is not counting the pages in my buffer. That is, I have up until comic 207 scripted. In other words, making updates for about 30 pages is largely a matter of just making them, not having to write and them simultaneously. (I usually have a basic plot outline in my head, as well as specific events that need to happen, but write by the seat of my pants when it comes time to actually make the updates.)

Worlds Planned: After World [8] ends, I have another 3 Worlds planned before World [10] (and yes, I can count), then after that another 2 Worlds before I go to the World Suggestion Box for ideas. In other words... THOSE OF YOU WHO GOT A CAMEO SLOT FOR WORLD [10], MAKE SURE I HAVE YOUR SPRITES. If they're not ready yet, don't worry - you'll have quite a bit of time to work on them. World [8] still has about 9 pages before it ends, then the one after that has like 15 pages, and while the one after that only has like 4 pages (...you'll see), the last World before World [10] I haven't even scratched the surface of in the script just yet, so you should have plenty of time to get your sprites done before World [10] arrives. If you don't think you'll be able to make enough sprites (or... have whoever makes your sprites make enough sprites) within the next... I dunno... let's go ahead and assume it'll be at least 30 pages before we get there, so at least 3 months if I'm updating every 3 days... then please tell me! That way, I can either give the spot to someone else or grab a random character from my archives to use instead.

Probable Schedule: I'm probably gonna be updating every three days again, and if it gets to the point that I don't have an update ready in time, I'll either just not update or make some sort of silly doodle/filler update placeholder which will be removed and put on the Other Things page once I make the actual update.

I think that about covers anything I needed to say. See you guys on Friday!


Sapar, July 1st, 2014, 7:44 am Reply

Wait, there's a giant cameo world!?

*shoots random reader* WELP, I'LL JUST TAKE THAT GUY'S SPOT THEN.

Shard, July 1st, 2014, 8:47 am Reply

@Sapar- It's not so much a 'Giant Cameo World' so much as 'Hey instead of making 7 random assholes for this world I could use cameos'. Unless you meant the major cameo spot in World [11], in which case please don't shoot the winner.

Blue Kirby the l33t, July 1st, 2014, 12:51 pm Reply

4th of July? That's my little brother's birthday! SPECIALNESS ALL AROUND!

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