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July 22nd, 2018, 11:54 pm

Q&A Special 4- Question Call

As promised, now that World [Interlude] is finished (...for the most part, anyway- but with me being out of town for the rest of this week I figured I'd launch this into the sun from now), the question call for the next - and last - Q&A special is here! That's right- this is your LAST CHANCE to ask questions of the idiots on the Important Faces page! Best make it count!

The Author - Niv
The Protagonist/The Thief - Két/Phantom Thief Kiara
The Watchdog - Damaru
The Hunter - Silverado
The Lover - Blair
The Boss - Silvena
The Wanderer - RP!Két
The Benefactor - Mr. Losroo

Like the last three times, leave the questions on this news post, and when I feel like there's enough, I'll answer them in the order listed above. (That is - the characters will answer in that order.) Again, there's no particular deadline this time around - but I'll be keeping this open at least until World [19] starts, for the sake of not only giving people a chance to get questions out there, but also because... well, there's some important stuff coming up and I wouldn't feel right closing the question call before they happened.

Also, as per usual I reserve the right to discard any questions, be it because they're spoileriffic or because they're dumb. Just FYI.

With that said and done, drop your questions in the comments! Go (relatively) nuts!


GamerDude7, July 23rd, 2018, 6:27 am Reply

Damaru: What do you think your life would be like if you hadn't met Silverado?
Silverado: If you could be apart of anyone in the comic other than Damaru, who would it be?

Pokemon Fun and Craziness, July 23rd, 2018, 7:13 am Reply

Silverado: Why are you such big ham?

RoninHunt0987, July 23rd, 2018, 10:25 am Reply

hey ket: What do ya do when ya get bored and what is your most recent wtf moment???

Syogren, July 23rd, 2018, 1:20 pm Reply

Comic!Két: How much money do you make as the Phantom Thief?

Silvena: What are your plans for if/when you fuse with Két?

Damaru: What is it like to finally be taller after literal decades of being shorter than a five year old?

Damaru & Silverado: What is your relationship like? I mean today, rather than when you took over his body. Were the two of you expecting things to turn out this way?

Damaru: How were you able to gain control of your body after Silverado claimed it? Didn't you die? Or was Silvy just bluffing?

Mr. Losroo: What other employees' minds do you protect? And how often have they needed it?

Niv: What's it like dealing with awares? I imagine it's a pain having to deal with characters that can jump between panels? And know that they're fictional characters?

RP!Két: Don't let your memes be dreams.

Niv: How disastrous would it be for Silvena to fuse with RP!Két vs. Comic!Két? Or does it not make a difference?

Blair: How strong are you? Could you destroy a planet Death Star style?

Niv: I remember the days when you were surprised to be able to get to 100 pages in a comic. How does it feel to have reached 300 in {MUTE} and well over 500 for Aware?

WiispNightmare, July 23rd, 2018, 8:24 pm Reply

PTK: Have you ever changed out your outfit or have you always used the pale getup?
Silverado: Who taught you to squawking swear you dodo
Silvena: Why were you (er, y'know, you before the fusion and all) the only one to make your 'artifact' something awesome like a scarf?? Do the others have no imagination or something???
Niv: What exactly were you back there in Wonderland?
...And what did you think of it?

D-Ranokai, July 24th, 2018, 1:04 am Reply

Ket: Daran: Your late on your child support payments, also the fusion needs more hairgel.

canecacomleite, July 24th, 2018, 3:51 am Reply

Mr.Losroo: Do you also work with business with your psychic powers? (like examining peoples minds and setting up protections getting paid for it)
Blair: Are you able to use different types of swords or just ones like your own?
Két: Did you ever miss some very important information because you skipped a scene(those narration time-skips)? Did it end badly?

ted the saiyanfox, July 31st, 2018, 1:23 pm Reply

For Ket, Niv, RP!Ket, Blair, Silverado, and Damaru: How are you?

TheJGamer, July 31st, 2018, 2:03 pm Reply

Niv: What was your inspiration for the making of this comic, if any?

Ket: Hey buddy. How ya feeling? Rough times, huh?

Silverado: Do you think that there is something in Damaru that you haven't seen yet?

plokman, August 7th, 2018, 1:16 am Reply

Niv: Is there any possible way Ket could get her Air powers back? Even if his powers were to push even concepts away or out there has to be something out there that can restore her powers right? Also why did it turn her tongue blue when lost I don't get it?

Mr. Losroo: I know as a Mole your eyes are sensitive to light but why cloak yourself in shadow and then flip on a light? That just sounds painful to me and my eyes are quite good by my races standards.

Silverado: Fire is your prominent characteristic as a deity, I get that seeing what aspect you rule over but do you have any powers within that tap into your bird like aspects? Like can you throw razor-sharp feathers from your wings, Making them denser and flater so they are usable as shields and so on?

Katsu Justice, September 10th, 2018, 6:04 pm Reply

When can I become the main antagonist?

Terminal Devastation, September 16th, 2018, 11:06 am Reply

Niv (and/or Két and/or Mr. Losroo for that matter): I believe this is more a question for the author since it deals with a "what if" but Két or Mr. Losroo probably have a lot of insight into this as well: How good of a phantom thief would Kiara be without the fourth wall breaking abilities?

Shard, September 17th, 2018, 1:05 am Reply


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