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Other Things
This page holds all the other things that don't go on the other pages.


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Niv's Other Comics:

Extra Pages
100 Fan Special
Q&A Special
Q&A Special #2
200 Fan Special
3 Year Anniversary Special
Q&A Special #3
Aware OP - Smile Bomb
300 Fan Special
Q&A Special #4

Comic Covers
With Smackjeeves implementing a new system of Comic Covers, these get rotated out based on which world we're in. Here's an archive of them, if you're interested.

World [14] | World [15] | World [2] | World Not [16] (Tuesday-Only Variant) | World [16] | World [17] | World [18] | World [?] | World [15]-2 | World [13-X] | World [19] | World [20]

Other Stuff
TV Tropes
Két's Scar Map
Greetings From World [16]/Team SMG's 9th Anniversary
Here's The Plan...
World [17] Preview
Aware Costume Party | Aware Costume Party #2 | Aware Costume Party #3 | Aware Costume Party #4 | Aware Costume Party #5 | Aware Costume Party #6

Gifts/Fan Work
Wall-Aware Feline from Ultimate Yoshi
Beyond the 4th Wall by Salimus
Ket's Comfort: a M.E.G.A Chronicles 3 and Aware Crossover by RoninHunt0987
Jared and Ket: Swimming summers by RoninHunt0987
Ket from Aware by Smiffy SMF <3
Ket's Nightmare Aftermath by RoninHunt0987
Ket's Nightmare Aftermath Sequel by RoninHunt0987
Silvena by Rob
Phantom Thief Kiara by Rob
Ket's Nightmare Aftermath 2 by RoninHunt0987
Ket's nightmare aftermath sequel 2 by RoninHunt0987
Ket's Acceptance by RoninHunt0987